rubadubdub – Three Teens in a Tub

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Here we go guys, The Texas Twins take another bath. And its no surprise that they bring a hot teen friend along for the pussy washing. These girls go all out and take their hot teen friend for a ride down lick pussy river. Trust me these chicks cum like a river. Get in on the whole show at The Texas Twins Website.

Blue Eyes, Braces and Plaid

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These teenage lesbians sluts sure do look extra redneck in their green plaid shirts, but as always the shirts don’t stay on for long and as always they found another hot teenage redneck slut down at the trailer park they live in and convinced her to lick their tits and eat their tight teen pussies one at a time. I’m not mad at them. They sure do have a knack for pickin chicks up in the trailer park. Well I say good job Twins.

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Three Southern Sluts

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These three southern sluts get real nasty in this episode. This time The Texas Twins get another one of their hot teen Texas Girlfriends totally naked and fuck her silly. This is not a game to these two hot redneck sluts. They take their redneck teenage slut gathering very seriously. I wouldnt be suprised if these two chicks had a whole stable of hot Teenage Texas sluts they back behind their parents house that they let out once a week just to fuck for the camera. Well you decide for yourself, head on over to The Texas Twins Website and watch these two redneck sluts fuck some sluts from their stable.

Three Teens On A Trampoline

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One hot afternoon in Texas these three teenieboppers decided to go out in the backyard and play on the trampoline. All that bouncing up and down and rubbing up against one another must have made them real horny because before you know it The Texas Twins and their hot Teenage Girlfriend stripped down to reveal three sets of perky little tits and three nice tight teenie asses. When they start making out and digging in each others panties you know the real action is about to start and if you wanna get in on that action head on over to The Texas Twins website where you can download this whole episode on video.

The Texas Twins Strike Again

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Thats right! The Texas Twins strike again. These two hot Southern teen girls have a nack for seducing other hot teenieboppers, getting them completely naked and convincing them to get down and dirty. I love it! Check out The Texas Twins website and you will see what I mean. I wouldn’t be suprised if these two hot chicks haven’t seduced every other  hot teen in their little redneck Texas town.

Three’s Company

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Can you think of anything better then two hot teenage twins naked on a couch? No? I couldn’t either, well that is until I ran across the Texas Twins. These girls make a practice of getting their hot girlfriends all hot and bothered, getting them naked, and then taking turns diving at the muff. I say they set an example in their trade. And I’m sure you will agree when you head on over to where you can download all the pics and videos you want of these two hot southern sluts fucking every other hot teenage girl in texas.

Redneck Girls Gone Wild

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These two Texas Twins are as wild as they come. Taking every opportunity to show off in front of the camera, get one of their hot teen girlfriends naked, and take turns fucking her silly. And these hot redneck chicks really know how to please another teenage girl. We cant show all the pussy licking excitement on this blog but if you wanna see these chicks get really nasty and eat a whole lot of teenage pussy you can check them out on their own personal site.

Naked Teenage Lesbian Car wash

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On a hot day in Texas the Texas Twins invite one of their smokin hot Teenage girlfriends over to help wash dads car. To cool off they decide to spray each other down with the hose and thats when the real fun starts. As you can see they strip each other down and the Texas Twins get ready to take turns eating out another one of their hot teenage girlfriends.

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Four Hot Chicks in the Bed

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Here we go, comin atcha once again with another smokin hot picture gallery. This time I’m bringin yall a real banger. Four hot teens gettin all kinds of nasty in the bed. Who could ask for anything more? These Texas Teens really know how to fuck the hell out of their girl friends. And like we promised, your friends at are gonna post a brand new smokin hot picture gallery every week of these hot Texas Twins fucking all of their hot Texas Teenage girl friends. And when you get bored with having to keep up with this blog to see these teens get nasty you can alway go right on over to and download videos of these redneck girls fuckin eachother silly.

Dirty South Girls

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There is nothing sexier than some dirty south teenage girls gettin down and dirty. So today I’m gonna give you guys a little taste of how nasty southern girls can get. Here we have the super hot Texas Twins and their two hot dirty south girl friends all dressed up in the plaid shirts and short jean skirts. Looking below you will see that these girls cant keep the clothes on for long before have to start undressing each other to to reveal four sets of tight teenage asses in hot blue and pink pantie hose. I guess showing off their tight teenie asses got them so worked up they just had to start making out, and you can plainly see what happens next. I cant explain what its like to watch these hot southern teens get each other all the way off but you can always see for yourself when you head on over to where you can download the full picture set and watch these girls get down on high definition video.

Texas Twins in the Bathtub

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Here we have the sexy Texas Twins gettin squeaky clean in the bathtub. These girls cant even take a bath without bringin one of their hot teenage girlfriends alog to get down and dirty with. Well I cant complain, any time three hot teenage girls want to get together to take a bath and fuck eachother Im all for it, and I dont know too many who wouldnt be all for it. So go ahead, take your time and enjoy the gallery. If you can actually get bored with this you can always get the whole enchilada and watch these girls get really nasty in high quality pictures and on video at

The Texas Twins and A Friend

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Alright everyone so for the first post on this blog Im gonna drop a bomb on ya. Here we have the ultra hot Texas Twins gettin down and dirty with one of their hot teenage girlfriends. All the pictures on are high quality and all the videos are in high definition. Here are a few words on from the Twins themselves

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